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Is there something I'm missing?

Is there something I'm missing?

Сообщение spadekevin » 11.07.2018, 18:43


I have recently adopted a neutered black lab/shepherd mix, Onyx. He had a rough start to life, spent half of it locked away outside in a kennel before he was rescued, then spent his time at the rescue in a kennel before finally finding a forever home with us. Behaviorally speaking, he is the perfect addition to our family with one tiny problem: he does not understand that the house is not the place for him to do his business. I have been trying to keep a consistent routine with him, going out every hour to hour and a half, bringing Maggie so he sees that she goes outside too, treats and praise when he does his business outside, but none of this seems to be doing any go. It doesn't matter how long we are outside for, or what he does while he is outside, when we get back in the house he sneaks away and either pees or poops in the house somewhere out of my sight. I have resorted to keeping him confined to whatever room I am in, but I'd prefer that Onyx and Maggie are both able to roam the house freely and play without barriers. After doing this for a few months now, I am getting frustrated. Is there something I'm missing?

Please help.

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Thank you
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